Spanish Restaurant

El burrito de oro/The golden burrito
1056 Los tulipanes St.

Agua 1.00 Water
Café 2.50 Coffee
Jugo 1.35 Juice
Leche 1.00 Milk
Limonada 1.25 Lemonade
Dr. Pepper 2.00 Dr. Pepper


Aguacate 3.50 Guacamole
Cebolla papas fritas 2.75 Onion Fries
Papas fritas y salsa 1.00 Chips and salsa

McCormick Guacamole

Tocino y huevos 5.00 Bacon and eggs
Salchila y pan con mantella 6.50 Sausage and bread with butter
Torta jamón pavo y huevos 7.25 Ham and turkey sandwich


Burrito con queso y arroz y frijoles 8.99 Burrito with cheese and rice and beans
Sopa y galletas 4.25 Soup (Of your choice.) and crackers
Pavo con guisantes y elote 6.70 Turkey with peas and corn


Hamburguesa con papas fritas 7.75 Hamburger with french fries
Papas fritas con pescado 4.50 Chips and fish
Bistec y papas y elote 9.00 Steak and potatoes and corn


Niños/Kids Menu
Hamburguesa y maccaroni con queso 5.50 Hamburger with maccaroni with cheese
Torta pavo 2.40 Turkey sandwich
Pollo con papas fritas 5.30 Chicken with fries
Jamón con fruta 3.50 Ham with fruit
Guisantes y zanahoria 2.25 Peas and carrots


Zanahoria o fresa pastel 3.70 Carrot or Strawberry cake
Seis Azúcar galletas 2.50 Six sugar cookies
Vainilla o fresa o el chocolate 3.00 Vanilla or strawberry or chocolate ice cream


I Am A Delicate Swan

You might just think I am just
A fifteen-year-old guy
With brown-blackish hair
And blue eyes
But I know I am more
Way more than that

Not a car or a bus
Not a shark or a whale

But a swan
A very calm swan
I can be broken
But my delicate white feathers
Conceal my true self
When I am down
I swim against the current
Unable to soar above the clouds
People wonder me
Not knowing my journey

But when I am content
I continue to roam the lake
Everyone watches smiling
As I gracefully move
Everyone throwing bread crumbs to me
And I just smile and glide closer
As I swiftly move through the lake
Until it becomes night
As I build my nest and the day disappears

I slowly rise the next day
Days continuing to pass
As people watch me
The brown-blackish haired guy with blue eyes
Is a peaceful gentle swan
Beautiful, hidden, quiet swan

What makes a good leader essay

The park ranger walked slowly along the park trails with the kids. The ranger quickly turned as he heard a bush rattle. The ranger saw the grizzly bear, as if the ranger were the children’s father he threw himself in front of the kids. Just like, that situation the ranger showed some great steps of being a leader. There are many traits that make up a great leader such as the rare traits and other great qualities.
There are some qualities that can really form a person into a leader. For example, there’s a rare trait known as bravery where someone is strong in some tough situations. Like when the ranger jumped in front of the kids. So nothing would happen to the kids. Another great trait of leadership is responsibility. In addition, if a leader has responsibility then, the leader could do everything they are asked. Those two traits are very important because if not the ranger might run or the leader might not get all the things he has to do causing problems.
A strong leader possesses many strong qualities ranging from bravery to quick-minded. For example, patience is important. Without patience people would be going crazy waiting as a famous person once said, “Good things come to those who wait” and “patience is a necessity.” I think those quotes clearly states that patience is required to be a great leader. While other qualities are good. I think this next quality ranges up with them. In addition, people who are quick-minded have great potential to be leaders. People who are quick-minded have the ability to solve problems faster which in serious cases can save someone’s life.
The ranger quickly came up with a plan in his mind and bravely stood forward. He lunged at the bear swinging his baton at the monster-sized grizzly. Who tried to claw the ranger with his big paws. A kid quickly ran to the park ranger SUV and got the ranger’s tranquilizer and shot the grizzly. They dragged the hundred plus pound beast to the side of the road and the kids cautiously kept walking the trails.

Perseverance Essay

Have you always wondered why people keep trying to achieve a goal even after they constantly fail? Let me explain the different reasons why people do not just give up. Perseverance can have many rewards as I will list some along with examples.
Perseverance pays off by being patient and not quitting when they fail. For example, failing but not giving up can give people new ideas which can lead to not only completing the goal, but it can provide the person with the experience and knowledge on the subject that they could not grasp beforehand. Failure has a way of making someone stronger mentally. For example, when I could not beat my game that I tried and tried for months but every time it made me stronger than before leading me to eventually beat the game. I was so happy that I jumped up and down because it made me feel like I was invincible.
Not only does perseverance make a person better, it can even lead to others wanting the same. Having perseverance can lead to many things such as, being an example to others. For example, when a kid sees someone doing good or bad things it could influence another just by seeing what someone they did. He might even say, “That’s okay” even when it may not be. While setting examples you could even turn out to be another’s role model and they might try to do everything you do. Whether you realize it or not, what you do you may rub off onto them. That’s why celebrities, musicians, sports players should live their life right and set a good example.
Therefore, people should always try to keep achieving goals in their life because they will be an inspiration and or role models to someone whether they may or may not know it. Achieving any kind of success can be a major influence on another person to finish a life long goal or continue something that they have set their mind on completing.

Cell Phones: The goods and bads

The Ferrari was speeding, hitting about 95 *Crash*, a bystander quickly observed the situation and pulled out his Iphone. He dialed 911 and shortly after, the dispatcher sent a team of paramedics.Like, in this situation phones can be proven really helpful in times of need. Cell phones have greatly affected people’s lives by As very helpful in extreme situations but have also posed a great distraction causing dangerous situations.
Cell phones have proven to assist many people in times of emergency when time and help were greatly needed.For example, When a car crash happens a phone can be used and can save a life when the user calls the paramedics.As this show the phone brings some good things on the table such as fast communication and the ability to save lives with a couple quick taps on the screen. Phones are very handy they can provide useful in many situations especially emergency situations and they help communication which is something we used to lack but now it also can be the cause of these crashes. For example, the statistics for car crash deaths a year is thousands and that’s pretty much just cell phone related imagine that one little device causing all of that. It’s amazing how on device can cause thousands of crashes and injury so many all because we can’t put the device down for maybe 20 minutes.
Even though cell phones have revolutionized emergency and medical emergencies saving many lives, they also contribute to taking lives due to distractions. In addition, a kid maybe in need of a friend to cry too and he had a rough week and needs someone to talk to about it the kid can call his friend in a couple easy steps and clicks of a button. This shows just how easy communicating can be with a cell phone and proves that cell phones are not always providing negative things and can help someone be happy. In addition, the phone provides dangers such as “Fake friends” and online creeps who can pretend to be someone else as you talk to them. They may not be a “14 year old girl” they could be a “50 year old man” who knows he could know everything about someone as he could be a stalker.
Towards the end of the road the bystander quickly moved out of the road and onto the sidewalk as he heard the ambulances sirens wail (wee woo wee woo) and seeing the light come into the distance as they quickly jumped out of the car.Checking on the guy and got the stretcher and loaded him on it as they quickly drove to the hospital as the guys life, was saved by a phone call.

9 Essential Amino Acids

List of essential amino acids
-Valine (Can be found in dairy products)
-Methionine (Eggs)
-Threonline (Game Meat such as Turkey, Buffalo, and others…)
-Leucine (Soy Protein, Moose and eggs)
-Isoleucine (Seaweed, Turkey, and Lamb)
-Lysine (Eggs and meat)
-Tryptophan (Sealion and other game meat)
-Histidine (Pork and brisket are good)